Sarah Palin and Baby-Gate – All the ugliness of the media wrapped up in one big blanket

Ok, there is enough convincing evidence surrounding the birth of Sarah Palin’s most recent son, Trig Palin, to conclude that something very fishy is going on.

There’s the curious unfolding of events surrounding Sarah Palin’s pregnancy:
Sarah Palin's Labor Decision Tree

Jnail of has the best collection of the evidence against the Sarah Palin “things are as they seem” line coming out of the GOP.

This is not an issue of pregnancy. It is not an issue of lying or conspiracy either. It is not an issue of Palin’s judgment, or McCain’s judgment in choosing her. This is an issue of the media’s double standards.

See, for months at a time, we heard the media regurgitate day in and day out four sentences taken out of context by Reverend Wright, not Barack Obama himself, but a person that he knows. The media didn’t even dig in past the context before slashing Obama up with the Wright non-story. Here, we have a very rich instance of Palin, a seemingly family-oriented picture-perfect head of household, raising a daughter who gets pregnant at 16. Do I care about her daughter being pregnant? No. But would I care about it if it was being churned through the media day in and day out, with leading questions such as “How does this reflect on the Palin’s ability to discipline their own children?”, “Is Sarah Palin a good mother?”, “Is everything really as it seems, or does this show a dark side to the Palin family?” We’d all have an opinion after a couple weeks of the media’s traditional style of beating a dead horse into glue and not stopping there. You can be damn sure that if Obama had a pregnant 16 year old (black) daughter, that’s exactly what would be happening. But no. The media is asking whether it is sexist to cover these stories instead. They didn’t ask us if it was racist to call Obama “presumptuous” for an entire week? They didn’t ask us if it was racist to repeat McCain’s claim that Obama was using the race card for an entire week? You have got to be kidding me.


Welcome to the World of the Rational Agent

This is the inaugural post of The Rational Agent, a blog that takes sides in the war on humanity, perpetrated by the Neoclassical Economist, the Libertarian, the Free Marketeer, the Eugenecist, the Humanist, and all others that believe society can be perfectly engineered in a manner that does not take cohabitation, diversity of opinion and kind, cooperation, democratic ideals, quality of life, and genuine freedom into consideration.  I reject the tyranny of markets, and I set out to undermine the appeals to science, pseudo-science, and philsophy that attempt to defend it.

I am also an American, and I believe the American experiment was fundamentally about democracy, not about capitalism, and democracy has made the USA the great nation that it is.  When democracy and capitalism clash, I choose democracy because my belief in human nature is optimistic.  The greatest threat to the phenomenal potential of the Wisdom of Crowds is panic, fear, disaffectation.  Our collective intelligence must be protected and preserved in the same manner that a garden must be tended to yield the desired crops.  Collectively, in the right circumstances, we are more intelligent across all subjects than any individual among us.

In the neoclassical world, society is comprised of a number of “me’s”.  However, the greatest society, and the society put forth by the founders of the United States of America, is a “we” society.  It is our job to break down the barriers and false notions that have been set up to undermine our solidarity as free individuals.  We do not need communism, a strict domineering central government, to act as a magnificent collective force.  We do not need capitalism, the commodification of everything and cynical personal incentives, to act in the best interests of our nation and eachother.